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Ferncroft Support for Care Homes

Running a care home presents plenty of challenges, some of which it is wise to outsource to a friendly and cost effective specialist. Below are a few tips on some of the areas in which you must be compliant. Or you may find that it’s easier to contact us and we will help get you started on the road to compliance.

You take great care in looking after your residents, and make them feel appreciated and loved. The great food, warm showers and fluffy towels you provide are amazing, but have you ever thought about the dangers that lie behind all these great services?

With all our services, excellent work is only half the story.  In the event of an inspection, you will need to be able to demonstrate that your care home is compliant; it won’t be enough for you to know that it is.

We provide all the required documentation, including before and after photographs and post clean and maintenance reports so you can be sure that your service users are safe and you are protected from any liability for negligence.  We will keep copies of all your compliance reports on our web portal so you can always view or print them.

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Your daily cleaners can’t reach these areas and don’t have the skills to make them safe. We do. It’s a specialist job. Let’s work together to keep your residents, staff and building safe and healthy.

Your legal responsibilities

No problem, we’re just a call away. We can assess your system to determine if its currently TR19 compliant and advise of any current defects that may be an issue. If a full clean is required, our team will discuss the findings and get you booked in.

Access panels are fitted to allow regular maintenance and cleaning to be performed. We’re highly trained and suitably experienced to advise on and install new doors and panels, keeping your extraction system fit for purpose.

Yes, our advanced team can clean all types of ducting system, regardless of layout. We have experience in cleaning small single level systems to complex layouts rising many floors. We are highly trained in confined spaces and working at heights to make this process possible.

We understand how busy your kitchen can be during normal operational hours. We can arrange for our cleaning teams to carry out your duct cleaning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ferncroft Duct Cleaning is conveniently based just outside the city of London. Most of our clients are based within the Central London area, including Soho, Mayfair, Chelsea, Camden, Covent Garden and Knightsbridge.

Irrespective of your industry, ductwork cleaning is an essential task that ensures your property’s compliance with the latest regulations and standards set out in TR19. Book your site survey to discuss your cleaning needs and keep your system in check.

A build-up in your system could reduce air efficiency and create a substantial fire risk. Take the proactive approach with Ferncroft Duct Cleaning, offering comprehensive solutions that promote performance, kitchen safety, and help you prepare for your fire risk assessment.

Prove you’re meeting your responsibilities to health and safety visitors, your landlord and insurance companies. We’ll provide all the necessary paperwork needed to support our work, including Fire Safety Certificates, Method Statements and Risk Assessment and COSHH Data Sheets.