Facilities Management


Facilities Management

Ferncroft provides specialist services for Facilities Managers for Kitchen Extract Cleaning and Ventilation Ductwork cleaning.

Facilities Managers have multiple responsibilities and have to be aware of and comply with a wide range of rules, regulations and client imposed performance measures.

These challenges are exacerbated in multi-tenant, multi-site situations so dealing with a company like Ferncroft that can provide a one-stop shop for key H&S related services, consistently and across the whole of the UK is a major benefit.

Ferncroft also recognises the FM’s need for clear documentation and an audit trail and prides itself on providing detailed and helpful post clean reports via an online portal.

Facilities Management for PFI Buildings

Ferncroft provides specialist services for Facilities Managers working on PFI projects, Kitchen Extract CleaningDuct Cleaning and Fire Damper Testing.

With a multitude of responsibilities, managers of PFI buildings can benefit from efficiencies and cost savings by taking on subcontractors who can offer packaged services on a contract basis. Ferncroft can offer a one-stop shop for key Health & Safety related services consistently and across the whole of the UK.

Ferncroft also recognises the FM’s need for clear documentation and an audit trail and prides itself on providing detailed and helpful post-clean reports.

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Your legal responsibilities

Oil, fat and grease deposits can spread fire rapidly through a building, posing a serious risk to the lives of occupants. To prevent fire, kitchen extract ductwork must be cleaned efficiently and effectively at regular intervals, in compliance with the new industry specification TR19® Grease.   If this ductwork hasn’t been cleaned properly as required by law, and it can’t be proved that all grease deposits have been completely removed at the intervals prescribed by TR19® Grease, a corporate manslaughter charge can result if fire breaks out.  Furthermore, if cleaning hasn’t been carried out in accordance with Fire Safety regulations and Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) regulations, it may invalidate the buildings insurance and result in rejected insurance claims in the event of fire.  Find out more about Kitchen Extract Compliance and Kitchen Extract Cleaning for fire safety.

Regular testing and as required cleaning to the new BS EN15780 standards in accordance with the BESA TR/19 guide is vital to keep your building’s ventilation system and your indoor environment healthy, legal and compliant.  Find out more about Ventilation Hygiene and Duct Cleaning.

Another very important passive fire prevention measure is the regular testing, cleaning and maintenance of fire dampers.  These are metal louvres which can open and close and are installed across the ductwork to form a temporary barrier when closed but allow the free flow of air when open.  You may not even be aware that your ventilation system has fire dampers, but they fulfil a very important function, so you must be sure that they are in working order.

In the event of a fire travelling through ductwork, the fire damper must close, to restrict the oxygen supply to the fire and create a barrier which slows the spread of the fire.  This buys valuable time in which to safely evacuate shoppers, especially the more vulnerable and less mobile centre visitors.

There are different types of fire damper; some are spring operated, some have fuseable links and there are  other designs which are remotely operated.  All types must be regularly tested, using a method known as drop testing, cleaned and maintained.  According to BS 9999 guidance updated in early 2017, all fire dampers must now be tested at no more than twelve-month intervals.

We can help you locate your fire dampers, create access to inaccessible fire dampers then drop test, clean and maintain them for compliance.  More information can be found on our Fire Dampers page.

Healthcare premises, such as hospitals, are designed with energy efficiency in mind and therefore have numerous ventilation systems to maintain a level of air quality for patients and staffWorking alongside facility management companies, and having gained extensive experience within the care sector, cleanliness within sensitive areas such as theatres and clean rooms is of paramount importance.

As well as hygienic cleaning, we offer ductwork swab testing analysed at an independent laboratory. This highlights any harmful bacteria/microbes that may be present within your ventilation system. Talk to us today, we will be happy to help.


Sport and leisure facilities rely on their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to provide a comfortable and hygienic environment for their customers. A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule with us will ensure you are going above and beyond to protect the public who use your facility. Get in touch with us today and we would be happy to discuss your unique requirements.

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Services for the Facilities Management Sector

Ferncroft is the specialist’s specialist, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will keep you and your customers and staff safe whilst remaining legally compliant and protected from prosecution.

Irrespective of your industry, ductwork cleaning is an essential task that ensures your property’s compliance with the latest regulations and standards set out in TR19. Book your site survey to discuss your cleaning needs and keep your system in check.

A build-up in your system could reduce air efficiency and create a substantial fire risk. Take the proactive approach with Ferncroft Duct Cleaning, offering comprehensive solutions that promote performance, kitchen safety, and help you prepare for your fire risk assessment.

Prove you’re meeting your responsibilities to health and safety visitors, your landlord and insurance companies. We’ll provide all the necessary paperwork needed to support our work, including Fire Safety Certificates, Method Statements and Risk Assessment and COSHH Data Sheets.